Friday, 15 June 2012

Heat Stroke...!!!

Today I tried to step out in the scorching daylight, being stuck in the house all day long for almost 5 days left me wondering if I was human or a night predator (hiding in daytime and hunting at nights).
The place where I reside have crossed all the limits of rising temperature and along with this there are two more major crises that not only globally but have locally affected the lifestyle of the people, on counts one is the hike in the prices of petrol and second is the hike in the power cuts.
Now this has given rise to very serious problems, and this post is just to lay emphasis on the problem and to impart a ‘REAL’ solution to them…
Let’s start with one such problem,  suppose there is a power cut and after 4 to 5 hours the batteries of your UPS gets exhausted…OMG( this is an even more horrifying fact than seeing something paranormal)... no fans, coolers or AC’s left to prevent you from getting sweated out but then there WAS one solution to this… go to your car, adjust the seats according to your comfort, switch on the Radio and then Yes, the foremost step switch on the car’s Air Conditioner…OOhhhh….such a heavenly experience it used to be…but now, considering the present scenario, doing the above given technique requires a lot more courage and above all a lot more liters of petrol…NOooooo…I believe I can afford two more UPS’s instead of wasting the precious petrol over this, and trust me that would definitely be much cheaper and a one time investment…For people looking over a bargain investment at this era, a very simple solution- Meditation…Just meditate and assume a nice and beautiful weather outside…I have tried it myself... it works…(though rarely but it does)

Another problem is those of Late Monsoons, yes because of change in weather the monsoon belts have got shifted, previously people used to organize rain dance parties and enjoy themselves and get rid of the heat  but because of the hikes and scarcity of water resources that too has become very difficult to implement…So as far as the solution to this, the best possible way out is to switch on your Laptop, tune in a nice song, go to your washroom, open your tap or shower and sit under that for at least half an hour, this would to some extent decrease the effect of heat outside and all the water would be wasted ONLY on YOU...

Many more such problems exist...try finding them out in your life and come down with such stupid solutions...Cause that which cannot be prevented must be cured(anyhow)...!!!;)

Lolz...was getting bored...couldn't find any topic to write, so just wrote anything...Thank you for wasting your precious time...;)

Be Cool...Stay Fresh...!!!