Thursday, 5 September 2013


Is it that love really needs compromise to succeed???

Considering the telltale about love and the so-called romantic love stories, it seems "Love" is nothing but a  fairytale which depicts everything to be so mesmerizing and angelic. Even the love quotes given by some of the authors and the idealists doesn't say anything about this main 'bonding' force - Compromise. Their dictionaries lack the word i suppose and surely here I would love to remember Deepika Padukone to quote -"Kitni baakwaas dictionary hai"!!!;)

By the way, a few days back , I was also into this imaginary world of love. But then "someone" made me realize the importance of compromise and the role it play in our lives.

The ingredients for love may be romantic talks, late night messaging, hanging out, exchanging glances etc etc... but definitely the most important ingredient that makes it more mouthwatering is "Compromise".
Be it anything from waking up early in the morning just to wake the other one,or leaving your important meeting at work just to meet your love, listening them chatter day in and day out, waiting for their call till 3a.m in the morning and getting up early next day so as not to get late for work , and so on and so forth the list goes on...

Now, don't tell me the people out there in love haven't experience these things in your ongoing or may be halted love life. Not only these but thousand other things also you do for the one you love and never wanna let go.
This is what compromise is about...
So, kindly i request those in love to revise their definitions and to start their relation in a better way...<3<3<3
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(Sorry!!! if you find any mistake, i have written after a very long gap...Hope to be regular again...!!!)